Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Know The Health Benefits of Hang Gliding & Paragliding

Do you enjoy taking part in adventurous activities? Are you keen to opt for something new this time? If you’re yet to enjoy the experience of flying high in the sky without attending any flight, try out some of the exhilarating sports like hang gliding and paragliding. Though most of the people get scared to the very thought of floating in such a great height, studies show that these sports are the safest ones but one definitely needs professional assistance at the first place. There are rare chances of getting injuries or meeting with accidents when participating in these activities but those minimum possibilities become nil when one relies on a trusted instructor.

Well, these activities not just provide the adventure seekers with thrills or excitement but also have a number of health benefits. Are you keen to know what those advantages are? If yes, take a look at the facts given below:

•    Upper body strength

Both these adventurous activities help in improving the strength of your upper arms. Having a sturdy upper body not just helps in improving your flexibility, range of motion or mobility, it also enables you to control the parachute or hang glider. In case, the strength of your upper body decreases with age, you become more prone to accidents or injuries when taking part in these activities. In case you’re a beginner, an instructor would be there to help you out. Hence, most of the individuals these days are opting for hang gliding in Cape Town, which is a home to some of the proficient instructors who strive to help the beginners have a mesmerizing experience after taking part in these activities.

•    Stress Relief

When you’re hang gliding or paragliding, you focus on and enjoy your present moment. These activities help you to forget about all your stresses and distractions of life. Such intense focus along with adrenaline rush help you to feel cleansed both physically and mentally. If you’re looking forward to get rejuvenated, feel free to try out these thrilling sports.

•    Burns calories

Paragliding and hang gliding are energy burning sports solely due to abundant adrenaline rush that you experience when flying. As per research, a person weighing 150 pounds can burn almost 230 every hour.
These activities also help you to increase your confidence and make you capable enough of facing your fears. Besides these, hang gliding or paragliding can free you emotionally from fears, stresses or anything that might put extra burden on your shoulders. No matter whether you’re keen to opt for paragliding in South Africa or any other place, it is highly significant for you to confirm that the instructor you’re choosing has the right knowledge and experience in this field.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Five Useful Facts to Know before Opting for Paragliding

Do you cherish a dream of soaring like a bird in the sky? If yes then paragliding is the best option for you that can fulfill your dream. This will enable you to explore the mysterious sky like a hawk. Now you may raise a question, what is paragliding? Actually, this is an outdoor sports activity that has gained global recognition within a very short time. Unlike the other thrilling sports activity, this is safer and easier. In the following discussion, the beginners can come across some valuable points that they can remember before enjoying this thrilling sportive.


Things to Remember before One Paraglides

These points are definitely helpful for them who are going to enjoy this flight for the first time.

1)    Know the Sport in a Detailed Way: Before opting for this extreme outdoor sport, quickly do some research over this and know what and how exactly this sport is in details. Gather enough information related to this sports. You can take the help from the internet. For better assistance, you may have an instructor to know the minute details of this sportive activity.

2)    Understanding the Gear: The success of paragliding and powered paragliding lies in its equipment. Gear is one of the most significant equipment that plays a vital role. So, before going for this sports activity, you must know about each and every aspect of the gear that you are using. This is one of the most important parts of the training.

However, you have to understand the different aspects related to the paramotoring and paragliding. There is a huge difference between these two types of sports. In the former, the pilot wears a motor on his back to have enough thrust to take off.

3)    Undertake a Proper Training: It is not like that you will have a successful flight experience without any practice and training. So, having adequate training from an experienced as well as adept instructor is quite important. Always obey the instructions of the expert to have the best flight experience. Once you learn this sport, they give you a certificate.

4)    Know the Weather: The flight depends on the weather. If the weather is ideal for paragliding, you may opt for this, owing to have a safe flight experience. Weather matters a lot. So, at first, keep an eye on the weather and then decide whether you will go for it or not. 

5)    Understand the Age Limitation: At last but not the least, it is essential to know about the age limit for this outdoor sports activity. If you are 18 or above 18, you can have an independence flight experience.

Hope all the above-mentioned information is helpful for you. if you like to go for paragliding, Cape Town is the best place for you. Apart from this, hang gliding Cape Town is also very famous. So, quickly contact the instructor and opt for these sports activities, owing to get a thrilling experience, worthy of remembering for the lifetime.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

A Complete Guide of Paragliding and Tandem Paragliding

Paragliding is the most adventurous and recreational sports worldwide. The practice of paragliding refers to flying with a paraglider. In the below section an in-depth review analysis on paragliding and tandem paragliding will take place. 

What is Paragliding? 

As I have already mentioned paragliding is not only a competitive adventure sport but also a recreational practice. While paragliding, the pilot sit in a harness suspended and enjoy & control the aircraft with the fabric made wing above him. Paragliding is a free flying sport where the pilot launches the aircraft with his foot only. One thing I must mention here that a paraglider does not run with an engine. The line of its flying totally depends on the air flow and how skillfully a pilot controls his flight. 

What is Tandem Paragliding? 

Tandem paragliding is a special type of paragliding where the paraglider is specially designed to carry the passenger with a pilot. A tandem paraglider flies generally faster than a regular paraglider. On the other hand the sink rate in solo paragliding is lower than the tandem paragliding. So the bottom line here, tandem paragliding is nothing more than flying a paraglide. But here, the pilot flies the paraglider along with a passenger. So generally, a beginner flyer uses the practice of tandem paragliding for learning the flying. 

Paragliding Instruments: 

In the section below I am not going to talk about paragliding attire,helmet, shoes and other safety measures instruments, as that information are easily available. The section has designed to inform you about the latest paragliding instruments.  

1.       Variometer: This is a device for getting an idea of the climbing and descending rate of an aircraft. A pilot uses variometer to understand the vertical velocity of his aircraft.

2.    GPS: With the wide uses of smartphones who is not aware of global positioning system. An experienced paragliding pilot can fly for hours and can cover hundreds of kilometers. Even an amateur flyer can fly for 30 minutes. GPS helps a pilot to understand his position while flying. It also helps the pilot to determine in which direction he should go.

3.      Radio Communication Device: It is really easy to understand the fact that you are not going to find any cell tower in the middle of the sky. While caring a radio communication device it will allow you talk to the base. On the other hand, you can also talk to the nearby airport tower control system for any kind of help and guides.


So these are the information that you must know about Paragliding and Tandem paragliding before you start flying. Hope the article was helpful and you enjoyed reading it. For any related question regarding this, feel free to leave us a mail.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Paragliding the Sport is of Much Appeal For Most People

If you have ever felt jealous by looking at a bird that is flying over the crystal blue waters of the sea, or rocky hilly terrains, then the sport of paragliding is just what you need. Man’s fascination of flying and discovering places over the centuries has led to many of the great discoveries. It is paragliding in the present times in a country like South Africa that has been making headlines and creating a beeline of people to experience it. 

The city of Cape Town is the hottest destination when it comes to paragliding in South Africa. People are availing of the professional flying bodies that arrange such flights in the city. The hottest spots in Cape Town for such flights are that of the nearby hills which offer a stunning view of the city. 

The Flying Companies:
The companies that arrange the paragliding flights happen to fly anyone and everyone. Either be kids or even, as the records suggest, octogenarians. The size and body weight is not of any problem either. The versatility allows the paragliding flights as arranged by the companies to be a perfect gift voucher for anyone be it a colleague, a loved one or even a family member. The experience that these flights impart stays on for a lifetime. 

How to Avail?
Interested readers have read this far and are wondering how does one avail of a paragliding flight may very well visit the websites of the companies that offer such experiences. It is there that one may fill in his or her details to book a flight. 

People behind the Experience:
The paragliding companies have their employees as their very lifeline. The skilled professional fliers’ help people fly and make the flight experience just as a customer would like to undergo. As for instance, some customers who are the adventurous kind can opt for some mid-air acrobats while the others may opt for a safe glide soaking in the serenity that lies underneath. 

Not just individual tourists seem to take an interest in experiencing paragliding. Tandem paragliding is being opted for these days by a number of corporate bodies. It is through such flying experiences, the corporate employees undergo team-building exercises. 

The pricing for booking a paragliding experience is provided in detail on the websites. It is featured in the South African currency of Rand. The prices are determined on the various available flight packages like Tandem flight accompanied with pictures etc.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Let’s Have a Party Time with Paragliding in South Africa

Oh, what a lovely day! I just could not have dreamt of something better than this. After an early shower in the hotel when I along with all of my friends went to taste the ultimate sense of freedom; and we got the best of it with the help of paragliding. Earlier I was also among them who preferred to step back every time the term paragliding came. But after having such a wonderful experience I dare to guide all of them and hence in this post I would like to draw your attention on some of the factors that you may miss out while thinking about paragliding.

 1.      Don’t confuse it with Hang-Gliding: Well, let me tell you something; there is a sharp difference between paragliding and hang gliding. Hang gliders are nothing but the rock-solid wing structures. In this case, an aluminum frame is being used in order to form a V-shaped wing that takes after the stealth bomber whereas Paragliders are intentionally made soft wing structures. In addition, the latter is made without any internal frame having an elliptical shape.

2.      Don’t confuse it with Parasailing: Don’t be confused when someone tells you that both parasailing and paragliding are same, but the fact is Parasails are basically just parachuting that most of the people usually use being towed by boats on lakes or at the beach. You cannot go further a few hundred feet high in parasailing whereas there is no such restriction in the paragliding sport.

3.     Paragliding is dangerous: Modern day sport has been so innovated that you just need to worry about any unprecedented consequences. When you book the service of a reputed service provider they ensure you that the take-off would be completely safe and landings are soft and safe as well. Their licensed as well as experienced pilots would be there to ensure further safety measures too.

Some added info:
When you go for any reputed service provider, they would also propound you all the arrangements so that you can capture all the memorable pictures while having a flight. The pilot would have a special, ultra-wide angle camera together with precise selfie stick to capture spectacular pictures.

Nevertheless, once you start your flight you just won’t want to leave it early for sure; but let me assure you that a flight of around 30 minutes would be enough to explore South Africa the way you had never planned before. The experience of Powered paragliding in South Africa would be an astounding one when you are with your friends. Since people of almost every age group can enjoy such flight you just should fill your heart’s content with such a wonderful experience.