Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Let’s Have a Party Time with Paragliding in South Africa

Oh, what a lovely day! I just could not have dreamt of something better than this. After an early shower in the hotel when I along with all of my friends went to taste the ultimate sense of freedom; and we got the best of it with the help of paragliding. Earlier I was also among them who preferred to step back every time the term paragliding came. But after having such a wonderful experience I dare to guide all of them and hence in this post I would like to draw your attention on some of the factors that you may miss out while thinking about paragliding.

 1.      Don’t confuse it with Hang-Gliding: Well, let me tell you something; there is a sharp difference between paragliding and hang gliding. Hang gliders are nothing but the rock-solid wing structures. In this case, an aluminum frame is being used in order to form a V-shaped wing that takes after the stealth bomber whereas Paragliders are intentionally made soft wing structures. In addition, the latter is made without any internal frame having an elliptical shape.

2.      Don’t confuse it with Parasailing: Don’t be confused when someone tells you that both parasailing and paragliding are same, but the fact is Parasails are basically just parachuting that most of the people usually use being towed by boats on lakes or at the beach. You cannot go further a few hundred feet high in parasailing whereas there is no such restriction in the paragliding sport.

3.     Paragliding is dangerous: Modern day sport has been so innovated that you just need to worry about any unprecedented consequences. When you book the service of a reputed service provider they ensure you that the take-off would be completely safe and landings are soft and safe as well. Their licensed as well as experienced pilots would be there to ensure further safety measures too.

Some added info:
When you go for any reputed service provider, they would also propound you all the arrangements so that you can capture all the memorable pictures while having a flight. The pilot would have a special, ultra-wide angle camera together with precise selfie stick to capture spectacular pictures.

Nevertheless, once you start your flight you just won’t want to leave it early for sure; but let me assure you that a flight of around 30 minutes would be enough to explore South Africa the way you had never planned before. The experience of Powered paragliding in South Africa would be an astounding one when you are with your friends. Since people of almost every age group can enjoy such flight you just should fill your heart’s content with such a wonderful experience. 

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