Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Know The Health Benefits of Hang Gliding & Paragliding

Do you enjoy taking part in adventurous activities? Are you keen to opt for something new this time? If you’re yet to enjoy the experience of flying high in the sky without attending any flight, try out some of the exhilarating sports like hang gliding and paragliding. Though most of the people get scared to the very thought of floating in such a great height, studies show that these sports are the safest ones but one definitely needs professional assistance at the first place. There are rare chances of getting injuries or meeting with accidents when participating in these activities but those minimum possibilities become nil when one relies on a trusted instructor.

Well, these activities not just provide the adventure seekers with thrills or excitement but also have a number of health benefits. Are you keen to know what those advantages are? If yes, take a look at the facts given below:

•    Upper body strength

Both these adventurous activities help in improving the strength of your upper arms. Having a sturdy upper body not just helps in improving your flexibility, range of motion or mobility, it also enables you to control the parachute or hang glider. In case, the strength of your upper body decreases with age, you become more prone to accidents or injuries when taking part in these activities. In case you’re a beginner, an instructor would be there to help you out. Hence, most of the individuals these days are opting for hang gliding in Cape Town, which is a home to some of the proficient instructors who strive to help the beginners have a mesmerizing experience after taking part in these activities.

•    Stress Relief

When you’re hang gliding or paragliding, you focus on and enjoy your present moment. These activities help you to forget about all your stresses and distractions of life. Such intense focus along with adrenaline rush help you to feel cleansed both physically and mentally. If you’re looking forward to get rejuvenated, feel free to try out these thrilling sports.

•    Burns calories

Paragliding and hang gliding are energy burning sports solely due to abundant adrenaline rush that you experience when flying. As per research, a person weighing 150 pounds can burn almost 230 every hour.
These activities also help you to increase your confidence and make you capable enough of facing your fears. Besides these, hang gliding or paragliding can free you emotionally from fears, stresses or anything that might put extra burden on your shoulders. No matter whether you’re keen to opt for paragliding in South Africa or any other place, it is highly significant for you to confirm that the instructor you’re choosing has the right knowledge and experience in this field.